Reflections on womanhood and courage
05 Oct

It is hard to find words for how much I love Terry Sidford’s One Hundred Hearts; not just the stories, but also the process it took to create such an insightful book. I believe every woman should have an opportunity to delve into these stories, as they are reflections of the lives of all women. Not only is this book an inspiration, it’s also a wonderful guide for men, specifically husbands, fathers, and sons. The more clearly men understand our voices, the more clearly they will champion the change needed to honor all women of the world.

The benefaction of a woman (and their work as mothers, partners, wives, co-workers, etc.) is so incredibly undervalued, not only by men, but sadly by other women, as well. The contributions and courage a woman gives is beyond measure. The legacy most women leave is arduously giving to everyone, but not to themselves. Pressured to be perfect, to please everyone, to nurture everyone, we forget about our needs. It is not until most of us hit our late thirties to forties that we truly begin to seek and honor our truths and natural gifts.

One Hundred Hearts has flawlessly captured these truths we hold within and reminds us that we need to champion every woman everyday. Encourage women, invest in them, and most of all encourage them to invest in themselves. Remember the stories in One Hundred Hearts and dig deep with those around you…they may be yearning for you to hear the stories of their hearts.

Kristina Plunta – Founding partner of PUREfourhundred and author of Queens & Princesses: A Mother and Daughter’s Reflections on Relationships, Self-Discovery and Love

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