16 Feb


Five Steps to Identifying your True Self

Have you ever had times when you think to yourself, ‘I want to be so many things and so many different people all at once, but I only have one life? How do I choose?’ 


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13 Jan

Critique: Impressively written, deftly organized and presented, “One Hundred Hearts: Inspiring Stories from the Women who Lived Them” is a thoroughly absorbing read from beginning to end—and one that is both inspired and inspiring. Very highly recommended for both community and academic library Women’s Studies collections, it should be noted that “One Hundred Hearts” is also available in a Kindle edition ($4.99).

Synopsis: At least one point in your life you’ve probably faced adversity that made you question your ability…..

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12 Dec

Essays in ‘One Hundred Hearts’ inspire, embolden

By Jennifer Ball For the Deseret News Published: Saturday, Dec. 5 2015 2:45 p.m. MST


“ONE HUNDRED HEARTS,” by Terry Sidford, Balboa Press, $13.99, 172 pages

“One Hundred Hearts” is a collection of stories about women who have found courage in the most difficult circumstances. Compiled from the answers 100 women shared in a survey about their histories, the stories tell of those who have faced death, loss, abuse and other misfortunes,…..

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05 Nov

-1 One Hundred Hearts Interview with Lynn Ware Peek & Tim Henney / October 21, 2015

Listen to the interview here:   http://kpcw.org/post/mountain-life-october-21-2015

Today on the program, a conversation with local author Terry Sidfor who’ s written a book called One Hundred Hearts……

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05 Nov




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20 Oct

unnamed ‘One Hundred Hearts’ shows that bravery comes in all forms


One by one, the stories came in.

There was the woman who left her abusive husband in the middle of the night. Still in pajamas, she grabbed her child and the car keys…..

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08 Oct

Before you’ve finished that first cup of coffee, tune in to the MOUNTAIN MORNING SHOW for all the info you need to start your day!




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29 Sep

Courage manifests itself in many ways. It can be a triumphant roar or a persistent whisper pushing you onward at the end of a long day.

For many women, courage is all they have in their darkest times. Terry Sidford, a certified life coach, has long been fascinated by the courage ordinary women show in extraordinary circumstances. Her new book, “One Hundred Hearts,” shares stories of the defining moments…..

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25 Sep

By Judy on September 14, 2015

This is a special book for women who have faced challenges and overcome them. (What woman hasn’t?) My favorite section was reading about other women’s demonstrations of courage. I usually am not fond of reading lists, but in this case it had an accumulative effect of reading one after another of what women faced and overcame in their lives. I also was struck by the “legacy” chapter. I always felt that a legacy would…..

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22 Sep

By Sharon Backurz on September 17, 2015

‘I love books that you can pick up and put down, read one or two bits at a time. I was inspired by this collection of vignettes of women and their significant experiences—who they were, what they had done, and how they view the world. It left me feeling empowered with a sort of ‘collective courage’ to face my own fears and issues on a rough day. A great easy read…..

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